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Large ceramic bottles
Minimal. Full colour black and white.
Bottle and two cups for friends
Now you say you’re lonely…
I take these pics by the lounge window, natural light. The set up is always the same, however as taken at different times of day and times of year - the light is always a little different.
Big brother pottery
Two pots went home with two friends.
Your coffee will taste better in this.
Black clay pots
Four bowls for the family
Handles are not something I’ve enjoyed making and attaching till now. Their design is critical in order to feel at one with the vessel, and so it’s been a little bit of a journey for me to get all of the elements to working well together. I like the light handle, and a sharp edges of the lip. Many decisions need to be made in the maker process, how thin, how fine, how lite, and practicing the skill to be able to make, before trialling and seeing if it works. A very iterative - process.
One I made earlier
Two pots